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Even though the machine is merely a tool for people today, it is thrilling to consider whether AI designers will someday design a chair that illustrates the soul of human beings. Would that chair be known as the "Salvation Seat?" Can something be lethal if it can dream?
Diagrams are inadequate even for representing the human spirit; how can we abstract and materialize a machine's soul? This design product, which began as a simple notion, aims to fill the context of its subject while also attempting to include the design language of the Religious Robotics concept through furniture.
Armageddon Seat is an experiment in transforming complex simplicity into a sculptural digital home object rather than a monument in an age where machines only serve humans now.

Armageddon Seat

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see on metaverse [Spatial]

Type: Furniture

Seating no:  5

Dimensions:  0.75 x 0.825 x 1.35 m

Supply: 1

Date: 20.05.2022 created

Price: 0.71 Ξ [RP]

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