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Digital Expo Center (D.E.C)

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Type: Public Space for Exhibition / Expo

Digital Topography no:  4

Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 180 m

Supply: 1

Date: 08.04.2022 

Price: -

D.E.C('entralize), a digital island located in the middle of Tokyo's waterway, is the first expo space (with its 18 floored towers in the middle, public spaces, 12 exhibition units with five artist slots each, an open concert hall in front of the tower's square, and Chrome Garden below the private area)whose aim is to collaborate with artist friends of decentralize and use it as a temporary exhibition space that glorifies art + design + friendship. While most of the rooms will be curated by decentralize, a small number of the exhibition areas will be on sale. The facility was designed in Digital Forgery Workshop with the religious robotics approach, which promotes the lack of gravity, contours as volume perception, and chrome.

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