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we leverage 'religious robotics" to reimagine the borders and parameters of the spatial reflections of virtual daily life.

DFW is a Milan-based design studio operating over virtual habitats, situated in a specific point between architecture, design, art, vr/xr, and blockchain. With an approach powered by constraints only available in daily digital life, we aim to design new spaces and objects dedicated to people, backed by smart contracts. 

Attended Exhibitions

Power of the Nature@Fabbrica Del  Vapore, Milano / ITA - 2019

The Art's Special Projects@Fabbrica Del  Vapore, Milano / ITA - 2019

Communitas III: Digital Community by Kollektiv Kollektiv@ Kunsthaus Steffisburg, CH - 2021

New Freedom Think @ Mads Gallery, , Milano / ITA - 2022

Art Design @ Holy Art Gallery, London / ENG - 2022

Klein Metaverse Event @  BabylonsNFT, Yacthingverse - 2022

DYOR @ Kunsthalle Zürich, Zurich/ CH -  2022

Creators of the Metaverse by Metamundo @ Art Basel Miami, Miami/USA -2022


Creatorverse Buildathon by Parcel x PangeaDAO, 2022

Winner of Music Venue

Runner-Up for Meeting Space

Grant Program by EnterDAO’s Landworks, 2022

Winner of Fashion Venue

Winner of HQ

Neon Build Member

Lighthouse Gate Keeper

VCA, Mentor, 6th Cohort

MOCA ROOMS, Architect

Metacoders, Architect

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