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The Finger Dome    
Music Venue Winner of Creatorverse Buildathon by Parcel x PangeaDAO

see on metaverse [Decentraland]

Type: Music Venue
Digital Topography no:  8
Dimensions:  32 x 32 x 46 m
Supply: -
Date: 30.07.2022 created
Price: -

"Excellent music can be heard in the streets where the musician and the listeners can meet on equal terms, without any higher platform. Another example is a rock or rap concert, where the stage is elevated, and the audience stands on the ground. Or, similar to an airport terminal, a symphony hall's entrances and exits are separated for each part like a labyrinth, and each spot has a different performative income. I've been to Milan's La Scala several times, and each visit has been unique. Of course, it's a wonderful thing that an edifice may have such a fragmented plan and experience, but I was hoping to uncover something more simple, like a 0 and a 1.

I can now say that I have arranged all of my ideas quickly after so much thinking. There are unavoidably spatial-political elements at play here, such as a front row, a balcony, or two separate entrances and artist entrances; nonetheless, these are entirely architectural references and not intended to convey any kind of hierarchical order. These parameters prompted me to design a semi-transparent structure (like a street; perhaps you can enjoy more while passing through it). Like most landmarks, it is unattached to the context and has an easily recognizable form, as a naked structure with almost non-materiality, but for me, its fully open public use intention is what makes it flirty. "

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