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mermaid chair

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Any push to accomplish a materialistic goal is a "fight." Non-fighters, who can easily blend in and adapt to new contexts, have articulations formed with love and without judgment. The rich-ness of their pixel-fleshes derives from the desire to upload more peace into the chaos. An in-complete ID tries to find one that looks precisely like itself and triggers apocalypse for the whole after seeing one slightly unidentical. It's vile if that creature aims to rebirth the "equilibri-um" by trimming unique beauties, by not being aware of the big jpeg. A chair. glb, then, represents just that: aspirations, adaptation over love. A cultural model can be defined and exists only in a digital realm. A chair, a woman-like creature from oceans with its fresh attitude consisting of fully chrome materials, may inspire people who find it challenging to blend harmoniously. So there you have it, an interpretational shape of decentralization. 1/1 to be used in your upcoming metaverse House, in particular.

Review Writing by Silvia Grassi, Art Curator at MADS Gallery
Each of us is used to our daily routine, world, objects, and reality. But how would you feel if you were suddenly catapulted into another reality one day? In a world not yours, with a different materiality, different rules, different perspectives. This day is actually not that far away, reality as we know it is slowly - indeed not quite so slowly - moving towards something new and completely different: the Metaverse, a virtual reality, the new virtual world that will guarantee users access to a new universe made up of experiences, films, concerts, events, meetings, games and everything that can be imagined in digital form. So, the time has come to think about our new reality, the new place to "live". From this comes from the ingenuity of the decentralize * artist, the work exhibited here: "Mermaid Chair". It is the symbol of a new vision, of new cultural models that will develop in the digital world. The shapes of the design object - I would define it as Meta-design - recall the sinuosity and elegance of the sirens, mythological creatures who, for Homer, are those who know everything that has happened and will happen on earth: they have therefore a look to the future, just like anyone who decides to inhabit this new reality, which will inevitably be part of the future of each of us. Furthermore, their song leads the listener to absolute knowledge: Man thus opens himself to the infinity of knowledge, to the infinite realities that we could thus create, to always go further, ever further away. Man could thus, like mermaids, merge two apparently distant worlds in him, which when united give life to a wonderful creature, to a new way of seeing.