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design practice for virtual habitats

we leverage 'religious robotics" to reimagine the borders
and parameters of the spatial reflections of virtual daily life.

DFW is a Milan-based design studio operating over virtual habitats, situated in a specific point between architecture, design, art, vr/xr, and blockchain. With an approach powered by constraints only available in daily digital life, we aim to design new spaces and objects dedicated to people, backed by smart contracts. 

to see the virtual spaces, please visit Lighthouse page of DFW, with a simple click, where you can see selected spatial works, walk inside them, and teleport to the other related spaces designed by us.

virtual services:

spatial design
world design
exhibition design
object/furniture design
metaverse integration

creative direction
video production

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  • Siyah Heyecan Simge
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  • Metamundo

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 Milan, Italy    EST.2021  

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