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Matsuoka Hills Mansion reflects the playful energy and inspiration of late 21st-century architecture with its simple yet muscular language. A digital aesthetic study produced the relationships between the materials and shapes, the ground's central topography, and its relationship to the building's three-layered geometry. Three specially created digital works of art, a sculpture, and three copies of an exclusive designer chair are all shown on the main level. The space is divided into several free-plan sub-spaces on the ground level, which rises in the middle like a hill, and each is given a specific purpose, such as the entryway, conference/gathering area, library/archive, and living room. The users could access the upper floor by ascending the three-tiered ladder designed to look like a skeleton.

Matsuoka Hills Mansion is an uncommon but stimulating combination of domestic elements in a museum-like layout, with its open yet curvy form, which questions how a mansion should create privacy borders in open virtual habitats.

This design will be available both on auction and at Art Basel Miami, besides K-Dociine HQ, Matisse Time Chaipel, and Armageddon Seat, thanks to Metamundo. Don't hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Matsouka Hills Mansion

offer on the market [Metamundo]

see on metaverse [Spatial]

Type: House 

Digital Topography no:  19

Dimensions:  50 x 60 x 35 m

Supply: 1

Date: 19.10.2022 created, 10.11.2022 Auction at Metamundo

Price: 2.45 Ξ [RP]

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