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Matisse Time Chaipelle

offer on the market [Metamundo]

see on metaverse [Spatial]

Type: Gathering Space,

Digital Topography no:  21

Dimensions:  32 x 20 x 16 m

Supply: 1

Date: 22.10.2022 created, 10.11.2022 Auction at Metamundo

Price: 2.20 Ξ [RP]

Incorporating similar aesthetical sources from several timezones, Digital Forgery Workshop re-meditated mid-scaled religious typologies from the Renaissance using today's perception and technology. A nebulous chapel in a virtual parallel universe's past, or inside a Matisse painting, or kneaded with physicality as fluid as Dali, AI-painted with Caravaggio or Da Vinci interpretations of the metaverse. Like the Sistine Chapel in Ronchamp form, the machinated ceiling covers a wavy interior for gatherings, concerts, or as a conceptual exhibition space.

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