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Neue² Dojo Gallery

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Type: Museum
Digital Topography no:  26
Dimensions:   152.7 x 105 x 93.7 m  
Supply: -
Date: 21.01.2023
Price: -

Neue² Dojo is 26th of digital topographies, designed between 21.12.2023 to 24.12.2023. In  Neue² Dojo, 340 artworks made by decentralize* from 2017 until now are curated and exhibited in a museum form. Each room or corridor has its context of aesthetics and time, carefully designed to create a meaningful promenade scenario. Categories like digital art, digital painting, physical painting, crypto art, and photography could be experienced virtually over a manipulated surface. 
The scheme of the interior as the interval of spatial experience is derived from Mies Van Der Rohe’s Neue National Gallery and manipulated in a more topographic outcome. The 1st floor is a spatial sculpture with an artificial sky and concrete hill, inspired by James Turrell and Coachella and inverted as it belongs to Mies' virtual reality. 

decentralize* has created more than 1000 works in the last 6 years, and his wish to showcase them in a virtual space pushed the energy to life and this design experience has come to life. Besides being a retrospective of decentralize*, the main fuel to create this gallery was to make this museum blossom through a community of thinkers who execute in the same passion. This mantra might lead to the decentralization of Neue Dojo, through any open-source contribution.
[New Eclectic Ultra Energic Decentralized On-chain Jpeg Openspace]

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