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Space Time Rooms [MOCA ROOMS]

Enter Raffle by Burning your Room [MOCA]

see on metaverse [Hyperfy]

Type: On-chain Curatable Museum

Digital Topography no:  16

Dimensions:  16x16x16, 24x24x24, 32x32x32, 48x48x48

Supply: 1

Date: 08.11.2022 created

Price: Burn a Floor to Raffle

The Moca Space Time Rooms are a collection of conceptual rooms that transgress and spatially deconstruct the bounds of the traditional "room" (a box with four walls, a floor, and a roof) paradigm.

In a tone inspired by space-time relativity that bends with the mass/gravity of artworks, paper-light floors produce components that flex and flow into each other. Even though they are based on historical/traditional "room" characteristics, these elements, with their flexibility, define the utility of a new experimental form beyond just being a wall, ceiling, or floor. A complicated system developed from a single, rich component and supported by further additions results in an abstract vertical floor with a variety of rooms.

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