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Zen Bubble Rider

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Type: Automobile

Rider series no:  1

Dimensions:  1.92 x 4.42 x 1.11 m

Supply: 1

Date: 10.04.2022 created

Price: 20 eth

It's an imaginary place in the clouds.

Or like that. You can not know. It may be true. Does it matter?

Isn't there a device and the numbers lined up between the digital and the real?

Or the body between feeling and perceiving.

The contact points and the remaining clusters.


Wholeness Nowness.

Can a logical ground or system always get us to Meaning?

Is it always chaos to not conform to the usual patterns?

How can we persist in the Now? By owning a digital possession in the form of an automobile.

That seems quite unlogical. But you can enjoy the aesthetics of this design meditation filled with this calm thoughts storm.

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