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DFW Concept Furniture Store

Updated: Jan 23

DFW Concept Furniture Store is live at HYPERFY.IO/BLACKCITY

From its inception in late 2021, Digital Forgery Workshop (DFW) has been a design studio that focuses on creating a distinct identity out of the virtual abstractness in the design industry. DFW, in contrast to more conventional design firms, is based entirely on the metaverse, where it can take advantage of the peak lightness of material physics to produce groundbreaking new worlds.

DFW is primarily focused on .glb format files that are optimized for 3D WebXR and are shaped in the setups of buildings, furniture, sculptures, and 3d-beings. As a result of their forward-thinking approach to design, the office created over 100 designs, and their innovative approach to design has earned them awards from various organizations.

DFW's most recent one-of-a-kind project is a concept store that features the work of 28 designs, including furniture, carpets, vehicles, tables, and musical instrument designs. There is a uniformity of abstract monochromatic materiality throughout the store, from the floor to the fixtures to the furnishings, all while keeping the file size under 10MB. The shop's concept is to present contrasting furniture designs side by side in the same materials so that customers can get a feel for DFW's whole spectrum of minimalistic crafts and how they may be applied in different spaces.

Being a colorful layer in the metaverse design industry, DFW is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The March 2023 opening of DFW's concept shop serves as a benchmark for the checkpoint of the company's unconventional creative energy, which is based entirely in the metaverse and thus allows for designs that are not constrained by the real world. DFW is a design studio to blossom pretty intriguing setups to investigate, given their clean rate of construction and commitment to breaking new ground in terms of design.

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