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NoiseDAO's world designed to showcase their collection of audio nft's in 3 different museums next to 3 different event spaces.

NoiseDAO World Design: A Decentralized Approach to Music and Art

NoiseDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, has embarked on a mission to support, acquire, and innovate within the music industry alongside its members. With a commendable collection at its disposal, NoiseDAO sought diverse solutions to showcase works across various dimensions. This initiative unfolded within DAOTown, a virtual city crafted by NeonBuidl and M3, designed as a haven for relaxation and education about DAOs. From NoiseDAO's portal, guests could teleport to a world dedicated to Noise, alongside other DAOs like FlamingoDAO and NeonDAO, enriching the visitor's experience.

The project commenced with thorough research into NoiseDAO's preferences and collections, leading to the creation of a mood board to align the vision. The initial keywords—

black and white, pixel/glitch, metamorphosis, sound-sensitive, primitive/aggressive, sharp geometries, dark, underground, zen-like villain or reverse, minimalist


guided the generation of AI visuals. The initial approach aimed to consolidate multiple functions within a single volume, yet to enhance the experience, it was decided to distribute functions across various structures within the world.

Subsequent urban planning sketches catered to the diverse needs of the collections, proposing an organic central space surrounded by related uses. This urban design was brought to life in a Hyperfy world, allowing for the testing of spatial arrangements and skybox/hdr options. An experimental phase included the Holy Shadow HQ as a temporary nightclub, utilizing three bloom layers, a decision solidified after early tests.

NoiseDAO members identified the need for six distinct spaces: five for exhibiting collections and one each for meetings and music-related activities.


The High-Frequency Building (Centipede), features 16 listening hubs within a single structure, with potential expansion based on future publications. The design incorporates floating techno bungalows linked to a horizontally flowing structure, with hubs distinguished by frosted glass floors reflecting interior lighting.

The Experimental Audio Museum (0PP13) adopts a metaversal approach, utilizing spheres to represent museum rooms, interconnected to a larger central sphere serving as the entrance and patio. This futuristic design, inspired by basic chemical shapes, accommodates ten sections of experimental audio.

The Music Collection (Metaboilerism), introduces a new tower, blending elements of the NY Guggenheim and Nagakin Capsule Tower, with modular listening hubs and vertical ramps guiding artwork visits. To avoid spatial audio interference, artworks are hosted via Webviewer, isolating music for individual users.

Performance Hall (PH) offers a virtual post-industrial ambiance with skatepark elements, designed for live sets and performances by resident artists. The building features audio-reactive bloom layers and a virtual drum machine, hinting at future immersive performance possibilities.

Lastly, a Temporary Exhibition Space (TES) and a contextual silent black city provide a cohesive backdrop, ensuring each edifice is showcased optimally. This comprehensive approach by NoiseDAO illustrates a pioneering venture into decentralized music and art exhibition, setting a new standard for digital creativity and community engagement.

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