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The C2W Metaverse Runway event, held on 9.11.23 and accessible through a $20 ticket purchased between 1-2.11.23 following the Digital Fashion Showcase at New Codes in London by VCA x Draup, showcased a distinctive digital fashion collection. This event provided attendees with an immersive virtual fashion show experience directly from their browsers without the need for downloads, marking a significant step in exploring and redefining personal expression in digital realms. Alongside their ticket, attendees received a complimentary avatar, The Viewer, which they showcased during this token-gated event. The show is available for free to anyone now.

EXPLORE C2W COLLECTION                                                                   VISIT RUNWAY SHOW

Designed as a afterparty venue to enjoy after the runway show, where models partying with the attendees, and there're click-to-wearable instantly.



Type: Retail
Digital Topography no: 30
Dimensions: 12.2 x 6.5 x 4.5 m

Supply: -
Date: 18.02.2023

A small retail store to locate in virtual events, inspired by HOR Berlin.

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