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Creatorverse Buildathon by Parcel x PangeaDAO, Music Venue, 2022, Winner
Creatorverse Buildathon by Parcel x PangeaDAO, Meeting Space, 2022, Runner-Up
Grant Program by EnterDAO’s Landworks, Fashion Venue, 2022, Winner
Grant Program by EnterDAO’s Landworks, Headquarters, 2022, Winner
Top 50 Creators of Metaverse by Metamundo, 2023
CryptoCubes by Han, 2023, Runner-Up
VCA x Draup Virtual Fashion Residency 1st Prize, selected by RedDAO, 2023
MONA 3D Objects Buildathon, Center Pieces, 2024, Honorable Mention

Virtual Show & Tell at Hyperfy, Hosted by untitled, xyz- 2023

VCA Mentorship, 6th Cohort, Architecture in the Metaverse - 2023
Opening Keynote, Digital Fashion Summit, Lifestyle Design Cluster, Creative Denmark -2024

Power of the Nature @ Fabbrica Del  Vapore, Milano / ITA - 2019
The Art's Special Projects @ Fabbrica Del  Vapore, Milano / ITA - 2019
Communitas III: Digital Community by Kollektiv Kollektiv @ Kunsthaus Steffisburg / CH - 2021
New Freedom Think @ Mads Gallery, , Milano / ITA - 2022
Art Design @ Holy Art Gallery, London / UK - 2022
Klein Metaverse Event @  BabylonsNFT, Yacthingverse - 2022
DYOR @ Kunsthalle Zürich, Zurich/ CH -  2022
Creators of the Metaverse by Metamundo @ Art Basel Miami, Miami / USA - 2022

KODA by Polkadot @ Factory Berlin, Berlin / GER - 2023
New Codes Exhibition by VCA, Draup, Mad Global @ Royal Institution, London / UK - 2023

Neue² Dojo Gallery, Virtual Art Space
xd3ctrl1zed, Fashion Brand
decentralize*, Artist

WHY WE EXIST, virtual theater at hyperfy, cinematic/immersive mode
C2W AVATARS, 16 vrm avatar 
C2W VIRTUAL RUNWAY, fashion event made real-time, in-browser @hyperfy
C2W TICKET, VCA x Draup Residency Final Work,  awarded 1st by RedDAO
New Codes Exhibition, VCA, Draup, Mad Global at Royal Institution, London
CLICK STATE OF BODY, Jay-Z song + video for C2W
C2W RETAIL, 3D Opensea layout for C2W Avatars @hyperfy
FORGE, noise dao virtual space design @ hyperfy
DAOTOWN, dao world design w/ neon buidl + m3
THE CONSTRO, Endangered Labs World design
NEUE 2 DOJO, fondazione decentralize museum - design + curation
BLACK CITY, Tupac song + video
BLACK CITY, rooms museum world
POP-YP, retail

METACODERS, dynamic 3d collection
SPACE TIME ROOMS,  moca rooms drop
NON PRAIABLE CHARACTER, short film, shot in virtual worlds
DFW ARCH WORLD,  restoration
RETAIL SHOP, fashion,hyperfy
Solar Panel Construction, XR Integration

M3 Membereon Build Member
Lighthouse Gate Keeper
VCA, Mentor, 6th Cohort, Architecture in the Metaverse

VCA, Resident, 7th Cohort, Virtual Fashion
MOCA ROOMS, Architect
Metacoders, Architect
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