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C2W (click-to-wear) features 16 .VRM avatars from VCA x Draup Virtual Fashion Residency on the catwalk, acclaimed with RedDAO's Digital Fashion 1st prize. Each are interoperatible over any platform that supports .vrm, on sale for 0.08 eth.

During the VCA x DRAUP Residency, a six-week deep dive into the nexus of fashion and the digital realm unfolded. New techniques and concepts were explored and refined to push the boundaries of what's possible. Each day was an entry in a diary filled with passion, culminating in the birth of 60 avatars.It was a playground where creativity met code, and 16 new 3D beings emerged from the digital canvas. These were curated for the New Codes exhibition on the 30th to 31st of October at the Royal Institution, London by Mad Global.

These 16 personas are not mere 3D pixels; they are the new expression of self, where every mesh and mapped PNG screams a narrative of identity. They are molded by a vision where the decentralization of self meets the reconstruction of representation in software-scapes. They represent a new form of existence, a silent statement in a realm where we transform ourselves to exist. The journey of C2W didn't just stop at creation; it soared to recognition when it was awarded 1st place by RedDAO members at the Digital Fashion Residency Exhibition, standing out among 22 artists recognized for their innovative fusion of fashion and digital creativity during the residency. C2W stands to embrace a new narrative of what fashion can be. It’s a ticket to a reality where your digital avatar is a reflection of your taste and a part of a larger movement that's redefining fashion in the digital age.

A conversation between code and couture, between the avatar and the individual.

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